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Highland Coo Experience

(one and a half hours approx)

Have you ever thought you could be stroking, grooming, hand feeding and feeling the horns of highland cattle? Well here is your chance!

Enjoy a personal tour, taken around Bowland Trails, in our All Terrain Vehicle to interact with our large fold of breeding Highlanders, plus their young calves, grazing the high ground above Blairgowrie as you learn about this hardy native breed and the role they play here.

Learn about their hierarchy & habits, and observe the family bonds & behaviour. Calving season begins here in April, running into the summer, so you may even be lucky enough to see one of our new arrivals take its first steps under its mother’s watchful eye.

There will be an abundance photographic opportunities when you hand feed them, stroke and groom their fur, or as they majestically pose in the stunning panoramic scenery.

We will provide you with protective outer wear to keep your own clothes clean. Please wear boots or outdoor shoes / trainers.

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